When will the US Fed raise rates?

The US Dollar sold off during yesterday’s trading session after the US Federal Reserve kept interest rates on hold as expected, but the press conference by US Fed Chief Janet Yellen was the driving force behind a much lower US Dollar. Forex traders should be careful as the sell-off which started yesterday may continue throughout the trading week as more economic data out o

Currency Pairs Explained

The USDJPY is trading well above 120.000 as this currency pair rallied strongly, but what does a rally actually mean? A currency pair is made up, as the name suggests, from two different currencies which are paired against each other. In the case of the USDJPY it is the US Dollar against the Japanese Yen.

Which timeframe should you trade?

Picking the right forex trading strategy is key to earning consistent profits from the forex market and there are plenty of different factors which go into creating the right trading strategy. As you start to research into forex trading strategies you will discover that there are many strategies out there which can all be profitable.